Work for Us

We are always on the look out for exceptional people who are searching for a position where they will be part of a loyal, committed team working towards shared goals.

What it is like to work for Frederick & Son

You will make a difference

Everybody on our team is tasked with ensuring that customers enjoy their food and experience at Frederick & Son.  Whether you work in the kitchen, serve customers, assist with admin or help with marketing, you are part of making this company great. 

You will be part of a small, passionate team

You will work inside a small team, alongside people who know what needs to be done to achieve shared goals and give great service.  We handpick people for their ability to add value to our team and who are humble and kind. 

We pride ourselves on a low employee turnover.  With a depth of relationship between team members comes cohesive communication and an understanding of each others strengths and weaknesses.

You will learn, grow and be challenged

We believe in your potential, not your limitations.  We will encourage you to do more than you thought you were capable of.   We will be on the look out for areas where we can challenge you and help you grow and will provide you with clear feedback to help you along the way.

You will be trusted

We hire people that we trust.  Every team member is given the opportunity to shine and we trust you in your decision making.  We stand by our people and although we will attend to customer complaints and feedback seriously, we will also stand up for you when we need to, ensuring that you are protected. Because we know and trust you. 

No positions currently available

We don’t have any positions available at the moment, but we do welcome potential employees who believe that they would be a good fit for our company to make contact with us.

Send an email to: and tell us why you would like to work for us.